02. High Blood Pressure in Seniors

Working with medical students to develop educational materials.
02. High Blood Pressure in Seniors

Project Background

This project was a collaboration between the design students and the medical students. For the goal of the project, we needed to develop one poster and one design project of our choosing. The medical students were to cover all of the research about their chosen topic, while us design students were to design their posters and additional content. The person I worked with had selected high blood pressure as her topic, and together we found her audience: aging seniors who needed a little more education and support around the topic.

The Poster

For the beginning of the project, I received a word document with all of the facts that my partner had found related to hypertension and high blood pressure. The first thing I did was clean up the language, and then following that, we met to discuss the poster design. I based the design around visual clarity and empathy, focusing on educating seniors about what the numbers mean, what can be done, and methods they can improve their blood pressure with. I also wanted the design to be bright and striking, something that you could see across the room.

The front side of my hypertension poster.
This is the poster's front side.
The backside of the hypertension poster.
This is the poster's backside.

A Recipe Service for Seniors

The additional piece of the project was something that the design students could choose. Being that a lot of the solutions for high blood pressure were based around food, I chose to make an app, where seniors could order pre-selected meals and cook them. The big difference in this compared to other products that accomplish this goal, is I wanted the food to be pre-chopped, measured, and ready-to-cook. Ideally, this would minimize the effort needed to cook and clean, while still providing healthier meals than the usual takeout meals.

The weekly meals screen.
This screen covers weekly meals, which would rotate for variety in diet.
This screen covers the recipe, with ingredients and cooking instructions.
This screen covers the recipe, with ingredients and cooking instructions.
This screen covers the checkout process for the app.
This is the checkout screen, where seniors would confirm and purchase meals.
The purchase confirmation screen.
I wanted to add a confirmation screen to mitigate an confusion about whether something was purchased or not.


When I went into this project, I was unsure what sort of project I was working on, but I was blessed with tons of content for this topic. If I had to change anything, I would create a plan that allows for calling or mailing in requests. An application is great, especially for the senior who lives with others, but for seniors who are more scared of technology, I need to create alternative means to support them. I would also change some of the alignment in the text, and create more contrast for visually impaired users.